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Ray Ash Stands for Transportation and Infrastructure

Because of the exploding growth in both the Texas economy and the Texas population, it has become exceedingly important to direct more expenditures to infrastructure. This includes roads (both major and rural), pipe lines, water, utilities and alternative energy such as solar and wind.

Ray believes that all taxes created to support transportation and infrastructure should be spent on just that. Texas implemented gasoline taxes to support our transportation system.  But our Texas legislature has diverted gasoline taxes to the general fund, leaving our District 89 short on funds to maintain and expand our roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

Ray will fight for and support infrastructure improvement and projects that are both friendly to the rural environment we enjoy in parts of District 89, while at the same time, keeping abreast of the economic expansion we have realized.    

Infrastructure projects aren't cheap; however, Ray will support innovative ways for our dynamic District to fund transportation and infrastructure needs that don’t rely on new taxes, but rather on public-private partnerships that benefit the area.

Ray Ash Stands for the Security of Our Children and Families

Ray will make the safety and security of District 89 one of his main priorities by working to strengthen safety in our schools so that our children and teachers may teach and learn in a calm and secure environment.

   "We can protect the Second Amendment
   and our community at the same time."

As a life-long responsible gun owner, Ray believes the Second Amendment is necessary to a strong and secure America and also to personal defense and home security.

Ray supports common sense measures to prevent the flow of military weapons to irresponsible users, criminals and otherwise unstable individuals. He believes that military style assault weapons should not be sold on the civilian market.

Ray Ash is a U.S. Army Veteran and gun owner who was raised in a home that valued the 2nd Amendment; and he supports the right of individuals to own and bear arms in a responsible manner.

Further, Ray Ash supports the Texas Constitution which, in addition to granting the individual right to own and bear arms, also provides for the regulation of same by the Texas Legislature.

Bottom line, Ray Ash will support every Texan's right to own and bear arms and will also support common sense measures that are proven to protect innocent lives.

Ray Ash Stands for Genuine Property Tax Reform

School Taxes compose 65-70% of the average property tax bill that a homeowner pays; and, ever since 2009 the Texas Legislature has decreased its funding of the Public School System by 15-20%! That underfunding has left the ISD's no choice but to steadily raise the "school-tax portion" of your property tax bill to make up that shortfall.

As a CPA Ray understands that if we can increase the "taxable base" we can provide more school funding without raising the "tax rates". The taxable base can be increased substantially through elimination of the loopholes enjoyed by big busines, and Ray will work to close those loopholes.

Ray Ash Stands for Strong Public Schools

As your representative, Ray Ash will work to strengthen and protect District 89's outstanding public schools and the children who attend them. Public schools are one of the most important institutions for ensuring fair and equal access to the American Dream for students, and a quality work force for business.

Ray Ash knows that nothing levels the playing field better than quality education for all our children; and further, we must take proper care of our teachers and educators and look upon them as an investment and not an "expense". The Texas Legislature must always make teachers and their pensions / health care one of the top priorities in providing the strong public education system mandated by the Texas Constitution. That is the only way to assure that Collin County can maintain the robust job growth and 4.3% unemployment rate we currently have.

Further, in line with the above, Ray Ash supports legislation that allows teachers to 'teach to the child' and not 'to the test’; and that will remediate our broken and antiquated school finance system, so we can redirect the flow of funds to teachers and classrooms and away from special interests and manufactured social issues. Currently the Texas legislature is considering to arm teachers and / or increase paid school security guards; it makes no sense to spend money on guns in schools when the legislature requires school teachers to purchase their own classroom supplies.

Currently Texas rates number 43 nationally in education quality; this is unacceptable and the improvement of this position will remain one of Ray's top priorities when elected.   

Ray Ash Stands for Local Control

Ray supports local control of our District 89 and Collin County. He will resist any efforts in the Texas legislature that attempt to tailor state-wide policy based on the needs of favored constituencies.

Ray Ash believes that the best government is local government, because it is at the local level where you can truly appreciate the will of the people. He believes that Texas cities and towns are the States's incubators of innovation and engines of economic development. He wants to be "Your Voice in Austin".

Expansion of Medicaid

Ray Ash will support legislation that will expand Medicaid so that millions of additional Texans will receive the healthcare they need. There is $10 billion each year that Texas "leaves on the table" because it does not expand Medicaid. (Read More)

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